Transcript: Tech N9ne Trailer

DAMIEN KING LEE (3s): Hi, I’m Damien King Lee. And this is the fucked up story of my life and the lives of my guests. In this series of podcasts. I’ll be speaking to unique and inspiring individuals about their life, their personal stories, struggles, and experiences 

TECH N9NE (27s): And he said, why do you want to be a rapper? You don’t have anything different than everybody else. What you got that sounds different? You sound like everybody else. So that made me want to do something different. I didn’t want to look or sound like anybody or anything that anybody heard before. So when I created Tech N9ne, I wanted Tech N9ne to be the complete MC. 

TECH N9NE: And I lost time with my family, had a divorce in there somewhere, but it taught me to hold on to my family and be more present.